Learning more about air conditioner to catch someone's interest

Sometimes, a guy will do pretty silly things in order to catch the interest of a girl that he’s pining after.

I did something pretty silly recently at my local coffee shop in order to get the attention of a girl I like.

One chilly morning last week, I overheard my crush talk to her friend about needing an a/c rep since she had a problem with her unit. As she was walking out, I approached her and introduced myself. I apologized for listening in on her conversation, but I asserted that I could help, since I was a cooling specialist. It was a lie. I knew very little about air conditioning. Sure, I tried to gather as much information as I could on my own. I’ve done a little bit of research in the past and closely scrutinized the work that HVAC repairmen did on my own home. Still, I knew I was woefully unprepared for fixing whatever was wrong with her air conditioner on my own. However, I was a man on a mission. I set out to learn more about air conditioning and had four days to do it. I called a friend who works in the air conditioner business and asked him everything I could. When he started explaining the ins-and-outs of air conditioner maintenance, I started worrying that I would not be able to pull it off. The list of things I would need to keep in mind was already long enough, and I could not remember a single thing he explained. There was only so much that I could try to understand! I was so glad when my HVAC technician friend agreed to go with me to help. When the afternoon came, he discovered that it only needed a simple tune-up. I also got her number, and we set a date for a week later.







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