Low Emissivity Window Films

Have you considered replacing your windows? Would adding low-emissivity window films be a more budget-friendly option? Low-e window films can rival or equal the performance and appearance of new glass at a fraction of the cost.

They also offer a fast return on investment of 2-5 years, making them a good investment.

Applied to the inside of your windows, this special coating remains virtually invisible, maintaining a neutral appearance that will not dramatically alter the appearance of your windows. With them, you won’t need to make any changes to your decor or architecture during future design or decorating upgrades. They are the perfect solution for every home, including historic homes and homes in communities with strict HOA rules. Up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays are blocked by Low-E film, preventing fading or discoloration of furniture, floors, carpets, upholstery, wallpaper, and artwork, while also providing eye and skin protection. Commercial and residential buildings lose up to 40% of their heating and cooling energy due to their abundance of windows. Low-e films allow natural light in while minimizing the amount of heat allowed through the windows, reducing heat loss in the winter and non-solar heat gain in the summer. The use of window films can support green building trends such as natural daylighting and carbon reduction programs. Additionally, they reduce the amount of discarded materials in landfills when applied to windows rather than being replaced. Low-e window films do not require maintenance after installation. It is easier and more affordable to apply low-E window films than to replace your windows, making them an efficient, cost-effective way to reduce window-related energy losses. A professional installer with experience and product knowledge is necessary to ensure a successful installation of low-E films.

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