Missing Mom as She Turns 71 This Month

I never send our mom a birthday card however call her every year.

Well, this year I am going to send her a card and actually surprise her as this is a pretty big milestone in age for her.

71 years is a long time to be alive and I don’t guess how many more she will have so I want to send her a card and let her guess I am thinking about her and that I miss her so.I’m not sure how long a card takes to arrive from overseas however the local company that sells them may know. They also sell books there and have a fine temperature control system so that you can study through the books in comfort. I love that they have a few soft armchairs too so you can study different books and relax just love you were at home. I would love to get a book on Heating and Air Conditioning repair and repair as I am trying to get a task working for the local business and would love to brush up on our knowledge in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry. I worked in the field long ago however it has been a long time and I guess that the technology has changed quite a bit since I was last working in it. I guess they sell Heating and Air Conditioning books online however would adore to find a single at the local company that sells cards and books so that I can support the little men in our town. I try to buy locally whenever I possibly can.

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