Portable Space Heater and Beach Movies in the Sand

I want to get a projector and blow up screen for the beach so that I can do movies in the sand on the weekends.

I will probably have to charge a small admission because the setup is going to cost me quite a bit of money but it is going to be so much fun.

I’ve done it before in the states and at one point we had 100 people coming to the movies. I think it would go over well here in the winter because the sun sets so early and there is nothing to do. A space heater will be a must though because it gets really cold on the beach in the winter and it wouldn’t be comfortable sitting in the freezing wind trying to watch a movie. We could also do a bonfire but I think that would be too distracting for everyone with the fire and the smoke. I have a portable gas furnace that should work well on the beach, as long as there isn’t too much wind where it could blow out the flame. If that doesn’t work then we may have to settle for a bunch of blankets and sleeping bags to keep us warm. I will go to the HVAC company and ask them what they recommend for a beach movie night in the winter. They will probably just tell me to bring a bunch of blankets because of the hassle of bringing out a heater. I think I could even do the movies in the fall and spring if winter is too cold.

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