Ready to go Big Time With Our Sounds

When I say big time I mean to get our songs online finally. We’ve been playing together for just a few months but we have a nice chemistry together plus make some pretty interesting songs. Both of us just make things up in the moment plus come up with some nice original sounds that I would like to put online just to have it there. I don’t care how numerous listeners we get or how numerous followers we have, I just want a way to save it so that we have them when we want to listen to them. My HVAC corporation I labor for needs followers so I am constantly posting triumphant for them online plus trying to help them get a web presence. They have been open as a local corporation for just a few months plus are trying to get established but need some help in doing so. I like to write about HVAC equipment so for myself and others it doesn’t even think like labor but it helps them out a lot plus they spend money myself and others for it. I labor in the HVAC corporation a few hours a day, helping with HVAC system orders plus setting up appointments online for people to have their HVAC systems tested by one of our workers. As for my songs, well I need to keep recording plus grab the magic when I can so that I can make it into a packaged song to put out there to the world. It’s just fun making songs. Maybe I can make a song about space heating systems plus air handlers, who knows?
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