This week is Beach Ball Day & Tomorrow is Music Night

I need to play ball tonight on the beach but save some energy for tomorrow night as both of us are going to be playing a gig on the paseo by the beach.

I would love to sing as well as this guy who consistently has a bunch of people listening to him.

I need to take some singing lessons to do that so I can find my best voice while singing. There is this local business who owns a club & wants me & my bandmate to perform there 1 afternoon when both of us are ready. We are still getting used to playing together as it has only been 6 weeks since both of us first met. My Heating & Air Conditioning specialist friend plays the drums love me & occasionally joins us so that I can focus on singing. I can sing better when I am only singing as it is not self-explanatory for me to sing & play drums at the same time since I am still pretty modern at drumming. I think both of us could even do a show at the Heating & Air Conditioning company because they seem to have a lot of entertainers there on the weekend afternoons. They have a superb stage & sound plan so both of us should be able to do a superb show there once they let us. I buy a lot of my Heating & Air Conditioning component from them so they think me quite well & they think that I play a lot of songs on the streets. I think both of us will be ready to do a show there in a few more weeks.

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