What’s wrong with the ancient sofa?

Last week, I was showing our husband some magazines that I got in the mail, but they were advertising their modern line of sofas, and they were 50% off for 2 weeks only, then i enjoyed the design of the ‌sofas, and they looked comfortable. I asked our husband if he would take me to the furniture store over the weekend, so every one of us could rest on a couple of them and get some ideas for the future… He sort of nodded and went back to what he was toiling on. I said nothing more to him, but I went back upstairs and started toiling on our laundry! About 2 hours later, he came up and said that he needed some sustenance. He was rubbing his belly, which I knew meant he wanted dinner, both of us no sooner sat down at the dinner table, when he turned and looked at me sharply. He asked me what is wrong with the ancient sofa? He never sat on the sofa, so he did not understand that there were lumps all over, then over the years, the teenagers jumped on the sofa, thrown each other onto the sofa when wrestling, and broken some Springtimes, since he always napped in his recliner, the sofa was the furthest thing from his mind. I told him to rest on it and try laying down so he could think what I was talking about, but he refused. He said he would take our word for it, and to let him think when I wanted to go shopping this weekend. He was halfway down the steps when he yelled up to ask if he should take his debit card, or if there was enough money in the bank for the modern sofa?



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