Wrong settings on the cooling device almost ruined my son's cake

My son wanted to bake a birthday cake for Father’s Day, and Trey has always enjoyed baking all sorts of pastries. There was a hitch when he iced the cake, because we had no room in the fridge to cool it down. He decided to place the cake in the dining room and set the temperature low. Our ductless a/c is a zoned system, so it was possible to make a single room very cool. Unfortunately, we left the house in a rush, so he unintentionally increased instead of decreased the temperature. The reason we had to leave was for a delivery, but it only took an hour or so before we were back. When the two of us returned, Trey saw the cake with the melty-looking frosting and almost cried, but I said we could fix the cake. Trey suggested I call the a/c guy, because he thought it was faulty. I examined the thermostat and assured him that an a/c repair was redundant because nothing was wrong with the cooling equipment. A couple weeks later, when it came time for an actual maintenance check on the air-conditioning, things were looking quite good. The air conditioning system repair guy provided a few suggestions for keeping things clean and running well, including when to change the filter. Then he informed me in the years to come he would be available should I choose to get a more advanced cooling system and that he would offer discounts for my customer loyalty. I guess I work with a pretty great HVAC company, and I may take them up on the offer one day.
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