Yoga is not easier than high university calisthenics

I remember doing calisthenics in the high university gym.

When you swing your arms side to side, swing them in a circle, or bend from side to side, it is boring. That seemed to be all our calisthenics were. There was no running unless both of us were playing volleyball. Every once in a while, the gym teacher would pull the ropes down and tell us to climb them, however right, love I was going to climb the rope? There may have been more than 2 girls out of our entire class that absolutely attempted to climb the ropes. When I got older, I decided I still needed some exercise, but I was going to join a yoga class. Someone told myself and others that yoga was easier than high university calisthenics, and I believed them. The beginner’s class wasn’t too strenuous the first couple of times I went, however then she ramped it up a little. Ramping it up a little meant that both of us were now doing what she called a downward dog pose, and planking. I gotta tell you, if high university calisthenics was this hard, I would’ve stayed home every day that I had gym class, and yoga was a single of the most strenuous stretching exercise that I had ever done. Now that I’ve been practicing yoga for more than one years, I look back on those earlier yoga classes. When I hear someone who has in a single of the beginner yoga classes complain, I tell them to care about it now because it gets harder, however they just stare at me. I don’t suppose they realize that those of us who’d been doing yoga for years started out exactly where they are now.


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