Adding jump rope to my workouts

I regularly read fitness blogs, looking for ways to elevate the benefits of my workouts.

  • A couple of years ago, I came across an article about jumping rope.

It talked about how jumping rope is a full-body workout that burns a tremendous amount of calories in a very short time. The movement requires stamina, balance and coordination and is good for heart and lung health. I hadn’t jumped rope since I was a little girl. I bought a leather jump rope with weighted handles and started jumping. I wasn’t all that good at it. I repeatedly stepped on the rope or whacked myself in the calves. I lacked the endurance to jump for more than a few seconds at a time. I kept practicing and gradually improved my skills and stamina. I wore out three different leather jump ropes and got frustrated with the rope constantly knotting and tangling. A bit of research led me to a modern jump rope system that is far better for my needs. The set provides a pair of comfortable handles that connect to ropes of varying weights. The ropes are sized for my specific heights. They connect quickly and easily to the handles, making it no problem to switch between the different sizes. I have a quarter-pound, half-pound, full-pound and two-pound rope that each provide unique rewards. The heavier the rope, the slower the rotation of it, making the movement very tiring. The lighter weight ropes are great for HIIT sessions. I’ve also bought myself a specialized rubber mat that provides a cushion for my feet without curling up or skidding. I include jumping rope into my workout four or five times per week.



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