At least I have the Heating and A/C comfort of cabin

It’s been a heck of a year thus far.

It’s going into September and I’m stuck inside the central air conditioner of my home.

For sure, there are plenty of worse stadiums to be. When you live in this region, having good central air conditioner is super pressing. The heat and humidity of this region is like non other really. I’m sure if you went to some of the developing world you’d find more heat and humidity and undoubtedly little residential Heating and A/C. So I’m thankful for what I have. Still, it’s hard on a number of levels to be dealing with reuseing from injury during the Summer months. For 1, I absolutely miss being inside the zone controlled Heating and A/C of the office. However, I haven’t seen the inside of that stadium since I was in the accident back in February. Since then, it’s been a lengthy hospital stay, a couple of surgeries and now, a lot of physical therapy. But after the trips to the rehab center, it’s a lot of time just resting my body. Still, I’d absolutely rather be outside or in a pool or whatever. This injury has completely changed my perspective on life. Everything is a bit sweeter since I could have just as definitely been killed. And the physical therapy is getting to the point where I’m starting to be more and more independent. The dentists know I’ll make a complete reusey as long as I don’t push and just go slow with the healing. So that means plenty of time on the couch or in bed resting my body and reuseing.


New HVAC equipment






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