Don’t let the cost of HVAC cooling destroy your budget

It wasn’t so easy to make the walk out to the mailbox in the summer.

So mainly, I just didn’t pick up the mail. Talk about an infantile case of avoidance. Yet, I just didn’t want to even see the utility bills during the summer. Hey, I would dance to the mailbox in the winter and the rest of the year. That’s because I knew there wasn’t going to be a brutal number to pay due to HVAC cooling. When you live in this region, the main climate challenge is heat. Well, it’s heat and humidity. Can’t leave out the humidity. That moisture in the air during our blast furnace of a summer just adds to the mess. The humidity just totally ups the level of misery when it comes to the summer heat. We live with temperatures that hover around a hundred degrees from June through September. And that comes with a very high humidity percentage just about every, single day. So HVAC cooling is simply essential. But the central air conditioning in my house can just end up wrecking our household budget. In the winter, the HVAC equipment just doesn’t do much at all so there are just about zero heating expenses. But once June rolls around, the central air conditioning is on all the time. This year, I’ve taken my first steps toward reducing the pain of the utility bill in the summer. I replaced all the weather stripping to put a good seal on the house. And we’re remembering to pull the curtains on the part of the house that gets the most direct sunlight heating. But it’s the thermostat changes that have made the greatest impact thus far.


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