Ductless heating in addition to cooling was the answer I was looking for

When I purchased this house, I purchased it in pretty much an as is condition.

  • Outside of an issue with the roof, area of the deal was that I was getting a great price because I was doing the renovations.

That worked for myself and others because I was just so completely sick of renting. It didn’t seem to matter whether I was renting an apartment, condo or going in on a house, there were always issues. Many of those issues were often Heating in addition to A/C related. There is nothing worse than coming apartment at the end of a long week to have the heat pump not cooling. This happened in a few of the locales I rented. The central air conditioner would be on in addition to running but it ran all the time. Normally, that was due to the fact that it was old Heating in addition to A/C component in addition to it needed proper Heating in addition to A/C repair. Yet, those things never got ran tests on by an Heating in addition to A/C professional. Instead, it was the handyman of the complex that would come out. He’d get it cooling again but then it would happen again a week or so later. So I took this condo as it was. But that meant I had to rip out all the air duct in addition to replace the central air conditioner component as well. That ended up being a large chunk of my renovations budget. Yet after talking with the Heating in addition to A/C business, he suggested that I might be better off with a ductless multi split system. This would save a bunch with the air duct issue in addition to my condo was small to several ductless heat pumps was all that I would need. It’s worked out so great.

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