Finally found the heating culprit in my home

It took a visit from an old friend and sipping on some high end scotch to finally figure out what was robbing us of HVAC heating efficiency.

Our house is an older home.

While it is so structurally sound, it’s still got stuff that has to be dealt with. When we replaced the gas furnace and the central air conditioning a few years ago, we were expecting a huge drop in HVAC heating costs. That’s our biggest challenge when it comes to heating and cooling. The winter is cold and it stays cold for month after month. Prior to upgrading the HVAC equipment, our heating costs were almost too much to deal with. The HVAC heating costs did drop some thanks to new HVAC technology and better efficiency, it didn’t drop like I thought it would. This outcome was both disappointing and puzzling. But when my old friend stopped for the weekend, as we was going through town on business, I broke out the very special scotch. We sat in my basement man cave and enjoyed the scotch and some good cigars while we caught up on each other’s lives. That’s when I mentioned the HVAC heating situation. And he told me about getting an instant read thermal gun and just go on a hunt for the spots that needed to be sealed up. I did just that and found a huge gap in a window that wasn’t properly insulate. Got the window crew out here to do it right and sealed up a few more spots. Now we are seeing amazing heating bills and have a super cozy, warm house.



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