Grandfather regales the young 1s on Heating and A/C-less summers

Then, it was find a shady spot and hope for a breeze

My Grandfather is 95 years old. And he’s in remarkable shape. Let’s just hope that I got passed the same genes. The man is so sharp mentally and has just the most incredible perspective and approach to life. Her body isn’t as spry of course. But she takes that in stride. She lives in an assisted residing stadium that has just the best quality heating and air. I like to go get him like every other weekend for a day and dinner with the family in the air conditioner of my house. This time of year, the central air conditioner is just running all the time. But that’s what you get when you live in a region where the heat and humidity are just staggering. Grandfather just likes our adolescents and they simply enjoy and idolize him. They are at an age now where they can enjoy my Grandfather and all the things she has seen through the years. This past weekend, Grandfather nearly blew their little minds when she regaled them with stories about growing up on the family farm. That was a undoubtedly easy life. My adolescents simply couldn’t know that Grandfather didn’t have residential Heating and A/C. It’s just something that is completely beyond their grasp. Frankly, it sort of puts the hurt on my mind as well. Just trying to manage the several months of heat season separate from central air conditioner is hard to fathom. Those adolescents couldn’t take their eyep off of Grandfather as she told them about having to get up before 3 in the afternoon to get the farm work complete. Then, it was find a shady spot and hope for a breeze. That man is a better man than I.
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