Gym membership fees have gone up with everything else amid historic inflation rates

I wasn’t expecting huge price increases across the entire economy over the past two years.

I was too worried about COVID during the pandemic to think about the gas prices going up 30% over the course of six months.

Now that they’re upwards of $5 a gallon in many states, it’s hard to get in the car without thinking about the huge cost of fuel. I hear that gas prices are set to go down throughout the country, but I haven’t seen anything quite like that in my area just yet. The other really bad offenders are electricity rates and prices at the grocery store. My electricity bill is $40 higher than it was at the same exact time last year, so I can’t ascribe the increase to it being hotter or colder outside and therefore needing more air conditioning or heating respectively. I realize that the energy companies have to spend more money to produce the same amount of electricity as before, so naturally the cost is going to be higher for the consumer as well. Even the gym membership fees have been increasing in nearby fitness centers and gyms because my friends post about it on social media websites. I used to attend yoga classes at my local gym but I had to stop going when the gym membership fees increased by 30% in the past six months. Some people might be able to afford an increase like that, but it’s beyond my scope and financial capacity right now. I’ll have to do yoga at home using Youtube videos or something, which is exactly what I do with weightlifting now that I have some free weights here at home that I can use for working out and getting healthy again.



Cross fit classes






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