I wanted a small space to rent.

Over the last several years, I had been working from home, however it was no longer working, however the pandemic had kept me home, plus I had a tough time working because either our kids or wife were constantly underfoot, however i was talking to our wife the other day plus told him I needed to find a small office where I could work without worrying about the kids plus the home coming ahead of our work.

  • I had been a free-lance writer since I from university, however our being home 24/7 was becoming a problem, then my writing was no longer what it once was, plus I was sure it had to do with working from home.

With a 2-year-old plus a four-year-old, our time was never our own. I started looking for a small office space for rent, however I knew it had to be close to home. I called a realtor to see if she knew of any small office spaces, plus she promised to do some research for me, however everything she came up with was 2 or more rooms plus access to a shared powder room in the hallway. When she started telling me the cost of these office spaces, it shocked me. They were so expensive, plus I wondered if they weren’t in some expensive office building, and she admitted they were in office buildings, plus I told her I needed nothing lavish. I knew the realtor wasn’t ecstatic with our request because she would not make much money, however I knew what I could afford when I rented a small office space.
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