Rain forces indoor workouts

It has rained every single day this week.

The intensity of the rain varies from a light mist to torrential downpours but rarely quits entirely.

The sky is gray and cloudy and the ground wet and muddy. There’s frequent thunder and lightning, and I’m a bit worried about power outages and flooding. I am unhappy that there is no opportunity to get outside. Because of the weather, my workouts have been confined to inside the house. Every time I think there is enough of a break in the rain to go for a run or a bike ride, I get wet as soon as I step out the door. While I have invested into some basic workout equipment, I don’t get the same enjoyments or benefits from exercising indoors. I have limited space to work with. I worry that too much jumping around might cause damage. I also have a lot more energy and motivation when I breathe fresh air. I like to unroll my yoga mat on the back deck and feel the sun on my skin. I might jump rope, lift weights and complete various series of lunges, squats, burpees and crunches. I have invested into clothing that helps to protect me from rain, cold, heat and all different weather conditions. However, my feet still get wet. I don’t want to ruin my sneakers or slip in the mud. I am concerned about my bicycle rusting if I ride in the rain. I have checked the weather forecast and it’s supposed to rain for several more days. I am getting very impatient.


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