Rolled the dice and lost with old heat pump

It’s the beginning of August and it will be the first of September before I have central air conditioning in this house again.

And that is because I took a gamble on the old heat pump getting through another summer.

Well, it’s not just another summer. The summer around here is simply sizzling. The temps stay close to the century mark and so does the humidity level. It’s intense to say the least. Plus, this sort of scenario is in place from June through September. I can’t believe I’m going to have to go an entire month without the sweet HVAC cooling relief of our central air conditioning. The HVAC technician told me the heat pump was on its way out when he was doing the HVAC maintenance early this spring. But I wasn’t quite prepared financially to get that process underway. I sort of wanted to avoid the financing of the residential HVAC. So I figured that I would really lighten the load on the heat pump by keeping the thermostat much higher. That’s just what I did and through June and July, I thought I had this deal cinched. That’s not at all how it turned out. I came home four days ago to now air conditioning. There was power to the thermostat but it wouldn’t do anything. I called the HVAC professionals and they came out. But the heat pump was dead on arrival and there was no HVAC repair to be had. Of course, due to supply chain issues still, it’s going to be 4 to 5 weeks before the HVAC company can get my new HVAC equipment installed. I bought a window air conditioner for my bedroom and that’s pretty much where I stay.

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