Smart thermostat has changed our lives and our HVAC costs

I can be so stupid about change.

For some reason, I’m so uncomfortable with change.

Not so much the big changes in life or that sort of stuff. I actually handle that stuff pretty well by my estimation. No, I’m talking the surface and small stuff. I’m a routine sort of guy. Getting up, going to work inside the zone controlled HVAC comfort of the office, coming home, eating and going to bed is my normal routine. The weekends are generally for family and for doing things around the house like changing the HVAC air filter or mowing the lawn. Outside of that routine, I don’t want any changes. So this is why I resisted getting a smart thermostat for such a long time. New HVAC technology simply didn’t fit into my routine. There was already a heating and cooling routine that I was quite comfortable with. The HVAC service plan made sure that there was good HVAC maintenance in the fall and the spring. I changed the air filter each month without fail. And I had learned how to program the digital thermostat in order to get the best efficiency from the HVAC unit. So what did I need a smart thermostat for? That answer finally came through when I finally relented and my wife had the HVAC professionals install a smart thermostat. I was certain that it wouldn’t be able to match my HVAC efficiency efforts. So I let it go like the HVAC technician told me after we set up some basic parameters. It’s been three months now and I’m here to tell you that the smart thermostat is a great addition to any home and HVAC equipment.


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