Air conditioning to be winding down and forward to winter

It’s a sort of tipping point time of year really.

It’s still very much a punch in the mouth sort of Summer day.

Being the Last yearof July, you can just about mark that a single down every year. The Heating and Air Conditioning cooling demand is still at its annual peak. So it’s not like I’m winding up the sizable celebration dance. There still some heat season left. Still, it won’t be long before I might even crack a window late in the evening just to guess that breeze. Wow, that’s still hard to fathom given what the high is going to be tomorrow. It’ll be hovering around the century mark with high humidity. Again, you can mark that in pen for Last yearin July. But soon, not only will the demand for air conditioner lessen. The Heating and Air Conditioning cooling demand will ultimately evaporate. And in its site, there will be just about perfect weather. Once every one of us get deep into November, the following 8 weeks of weather just can’t be beat. The heat pump finally gets a well deserved break. I regularly joke with the Heating and Air Conditioning worker that the heating maintenance in the fall is more like a rub down for a sleepy heat pump. The two of us don’t get much call for heating during our winter. There are plenty of stretches where you might want to wear a hoodie outside. But the heat pump stays pretty quiet. And this is just the best Wintertide I could even dream up. Plus it on lasts a couple weeks before it gets warm and perfect again. I’ll take a Summer full of Heating and Air Conditioning cooling for a shot at that.

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