An HVAC mishap that could have been easily avoided

I feel so guilty and stupid about a recent event concerning my HVAC system. I pride myself on remembering all the little things I need to keep track of. I have a daily planner on my smartphone that gives me alarms and updates for my entire schedule. I meticulously schedule everything the night before, so that everything is taken care of. Doctor and dentist visits, all manner of appointments, grocery shopping, even leisure activities are all kept track of. So tell me how it is that I completely forgot to change the air filter for my HVAC system? It has been three months since I had changed the air filter, and lo and behold, I started getting problems that I did not notice until yesterday. Now my air conditioner won’t run properly at all, and I have to call for an HVAC technician visit that could have been easily avoided! Maybe if I didn’t have so many pets that shed so much, my air filter wouldn’t have been clogged so quickly and thoroughly, but it’s not their fault! At the moment I was mulling this over, I sneezed and looked around. I suddenly remembered that an HVAC technician had long ago suggested that I invest in HEPA filters because of all my dogs and their shedding. She said they only needed to be replaced once every 6 months. As soon as the HVAC technician I called out to fix the problem was finished, I resolved to immediately invest in HEPA filters so that it wouldn’t be a disaster if I let it go for a few months.








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