Being pregnant in August comes with HVAC control

I can’t believe how this pregnancy worked out.

With the first kid, it was like planning to buy a car.

We waited in the extreme HVAC cooling of the doctor’s office to talk with the doctor together. We wanted get some info about coming off birth control and other stuff so we could plan that first baby. So many people scoffed at us for all of our planning. But it turns out we hit it just right. And I even worked inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office until the last week before I had our daughter. That is not how this one happened. I guess we got cocky and thought we had the whole birthing children process wired. Mother nature showed us just what all that was about. Again, we did our planning and all of that but this time, I got pregnant like immediately. What was planned for a late October or early November birth ended up with me being so pregnant in the middle of summer. Not only that but I was sent home from the zone controlled HVAC of the office and to bed by the doctor. This pregnancy has been really hard on my body after the first one was like a breeze. Again, don’t fool with Mother nature. So now, it’s miserable hot outside because it’s the last week of August. I’m in bed and am bored out of my mind, uncomfortable and just ready for this to be done. At least I have the smart thermostat app on my phone. I’m able to dial in just the exact thermostat setting I want from the comfort of my bed thanks to the smart thermostat app.


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