Can’t help but love the heat pump

This region relies on both residential HVAC and commercial HVAC.

Getting through a summer without either would be ill advised. But once the summer heat and humidity lift a bit, there is the reminder of why a hot summer is worth it. The remaining 8 months in this region is just as perfect as it gets in my opinion. For sure, you have to love the heat pump because that piece of HVAC technology will get you through the summer. Still, it’s the outdoors that is the star the rest of the time. Even in the summer, I’m getting outside. There is just too much beauty and natural wonders not to get outside. Of course, I get up early to get outside. Once it gets close to noonish, I’m inside the central air conditioning of my home office. Working from home allows me to work on my schedule by and large. This is a real benefit when it comes to the seasons. I tend to sort of schedule by the sun. For eight months of the year when the HVAC cooling demand isn’t high, I get out pretty much when I want to. For sure, during our winter, I’m out midday just about every day that the sun is out. And the sun is out a lot. What doesn’t happen a lot is the heat pump coming on for heating during the winter. There are instances when it will kick on in the morning for an hour or something but that’s about it. No, the heat pump provides a refuge for us in the summer by providing cooling comfort inside our homes and businesses.

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