Choosing to work out despite my number one gym not having cooling system a single day

I go to an indoor gym near my location of work… It’s nice to head there in the afternoon after clocking out to get a nice workout in before heading home for a nice tepid shower & a desperately needed nice evening’s rest! I have to disclose there are afternoons where I drive right past the gym after work because I just can’t bring myself to walk through the door & put myself through a workout after a recognizably rough day, but sometimes, it’s because I really did not get a nice evening’s rest the evening before; Other times, it’s simply because I’m not feeling up to it, for the past few weeks however, I have been on a good streak never missing a gym day Monday through Friday, then Friday of Last weekcame, & when I stepped into the gym feeling confident, I was met with a wave of tepid air. The gym a/c method had gone down earlier in the day. It was so tepid inside the gym I couldn’t know it! The crowd was entirely sparser than what I was used to seeing. I looked around at the few people who chose to power through their workouts despite the heat. They were entirely dripping with sweat more than usual, & when I locked eyeah with a single of the men toiling out, I just felt that it would be such a wimpy transfer to turn around & walk right back out. I decided to go through with my workout routine despite not having the benefit of a/c! A gym employee was going around handing out free ice cold water bottles to people. It was the least they could do while someone was toiling on getting the cooling system back up & running!
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