Considering turning my patio into a glass room

My favorite section of the afternoon is really the early day.

There’s something bracing about the pre-dawn chill & the beauty of the sunrise slowly brightening up the skies. It’s that comforting & exciting feeling of a new beginning after a long night, then unluckyly, there has no pre-dawn chill deep in the South where I currently live. The sunshine has barely been up before it’s moderate & muggy. I miss residing farther up north where the day breeze was cool & pleasant, even in the summertime, however eventually, I need to retreat from my patio back inside to my powerful in the day. Turning my patio into a glass room & somehow piping temperature control into it is a tempting prospect. I reckon it’ll cost thoUSAnds of dollars, but hey, I am retired, & my pension & retirement funds would allow such a purchase, more than likely. The question is whether or not I would expand the air duct for my existing central HVAC unit or do something else for this hypothetical glass room. Maybe I would invest in a small portable cooling system, & that would be enough. I have also heard of ductless mini-split cooling system units. I would not have to expand my air duct & I hear they work prefer a charm! There’s so many possibilities. I guess I’ll call my HVAC company soon to get an system of what I might want to do. Of course, taking care of the glass room would be first. I am so cheerful I now have the time to focus on cabin renovation projects prefer this!



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