Desperately waiting on the HVAC furnace guy to save me

I was sitting in my study looking out the window watching the rain pitter patter and streak down the glass.

  • I had a warm mug of mulled apple cider in my hand, enjoying the warmth it was giving off.

I took a sip and shivered. I was wrapped up in both a cozy sweater and a blanket waiting for the HVAC technician I had called earlier in the day to arrive. My furnace gave out the night before. It was around 4 a.m. when I woke up freezing cold and I knew something was up with the heat. I checked the thermostat only to find that it was dead. That was quite curious because I distinctly remember changing the batteries just a few months ago, and they were supposed to last for nearly a year! I ascertained that there was some sort of electrical problem going on, although I knew that it was best to wait on a professional to check it out for me. There was a hard freeze warning the night before. I ran my faucets at a trickle to ensure that the pipes did not freeze. Perhaps the freezing temperatures had done something to the wiring connected to my furnace. My smartphone vibrated on the windowsill and I checked it to find that the HVAC technician had sent me an update saying that he was leaving the shop and was on his way. I started daydreaming about what he may look like. If he is handsome and manages to fix my furnace quickly, I may just give him a kiss and a warm hug and invite him to stay!

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