Doc says HVAC duct cleaning is the cure

So the amount of stuff that I don’t recognize a dang thing about can scare myself and others at times.

It just seems like I should recognize more than I do.

But I recognize that’s why we’re regularly living to be reading. Or something like that. So I go to the dentist because I have this chest frigid that won’t leave. For myself and others to subject myself to the subzero temperature control setting of the waiting room is a sizable deal. I just hate going to the dentist. And when she wouldn’t provide myself and others any meds for the forever cold, I wasn’t thrilled about that either. Instead of meds, she told myself and others to call the Heating and Air Conditioning company. My problem wasn’t the super bug that I thought I had. The problem was the indoor air pollen levels of our home. That’s where the attack on our respiratory system was happening. And here I thought that our cheap, paper Heating and Air Conditioning filters were really cleaning the air. I mean, they had dust on them when I changed them right? Turns out that those type of air filters aren’t there for anything other than the health of the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. To have a filter that cleaned the air, a single needs a HEPA filter. Which is what I have now. I’m getting ahead of myself. First, I called the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals and they did the HVAC duct cleaning the doc wanted. Sure enough, it was like 36 hours after the HVAC duct cleaning that our symptoms were completely gone. And I’m going to keep the great indoor air pollen levels going with the HEPA filter.


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