Ductless Heating and A/C transformed our garage

It’s almost prefer I’m our dad with the amount of time I’m spending in the garage these days.

That person was never inside the central air conditioning system of the nice new home he offered for us.

The minute he got apartment from the expensive office building with the good commercial Heating and A/C, he was in his work clothes and out in the garage. The person was a born tinkering genius. He was in sales however you’d have thought he was an engineer. Yea, I’m just prefer our dad out in our garage most evenings. Well if you take away all the mechanical skills and the fact that I have beautiful air conditioning system in our garage. Dad had a big fan in the summer time and a variety of space gas furnaces for the winter. For me, it’s just the ductless heat pump. But that was sort of an afterthought really. My garage was just a wasted space for years. When both of us purchased the house, both of us parked our partner’s car inside and stored lawn component and the like. It all suddenly spiraled out of control though. Shortly into the pandemic, no cars in the garage and so much junk that I couldn’t even raise the garage door. It was a mess. But with all of us cooped up inside the central air conditioning system of the house, I needed some space to myself. So I spent prefer 4 full days cleaning out and reorganizing the garage before I called the Heating and A/C professionals. They sent out an Heating and A/C professional who was able to install the ductless heat pump in the garage in prefer half a day. And now, I’m out here all summer time enjoying the crisp Heating and A/C cooling I get from our new ductless heat pump inside our reclaimed garage.

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