Geo heat pump provides the best in quality heating and air

I can hardly believe that every one of us really built our own house.

When I say we, I mean me, our wife and a general business.

But our wife and I spent lots of time inside the central air conditioner of our old house designing our home. This was the a single time that every one of us were going to go for it and every one of us wanted it to be perfect. To that end, every one of us started working on what every one of us wanted some five years ago. It really all timed out pretty amazingly. Once every one of us had finalized our design and turned it over to an architect, things just sort of started happening. First, the old Heating and Air Conditioning component finally provided up the ghost. That thing had been providing essential heating and cooling to our family for the better section of 25 years. There were babies born and raised to adulthood while that heating and cooling component was on the job. And thanks to a combination of great design, reliability and consistent, seasonal Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance, every one of us got almost a quarter of a century out of that thing. So once the new residential Heating and Air Conditioning was installed, there wasn’t much keeping us from listing the house. Again, perfect timing because it appears that every one of us sold our home at the peak of the real estate bubble. And with all the money every one of us made from it, every one of us were able to update the new Heating and Air Conditioning to a geothermal heat pump. This sort of Heating and Air Conditioning technology is a bit extravagant on the front end but comes with such staggering operational efficiency that it will be saving us money for the next 30 or 40 years.


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