Getting with the residential HVAC program

I’ve been called a nut by family, friends and colleagues.

This has everything to do with the fact that I live outside of any sort of town or outpost.

Actually, I might be the outpost. But living in the wilderness has always been something that I wanted. There was never a chance that I was cut out for the zone controlled HVAC of some office. That just wasn’t happening. That being said, I’m not the sort who is a survivalist or lives in a cave. Actually, the cabin I built and live in just got residential HVAC. That’s one for the books. The guy who lives so far out that visitors are very few and far between has air conditioning for the summer. Living off the grid has gotten far more comfortable the longer I’ve done it. Between the HVAC technology and the power of my solar array, I have air conditioning if I need it. And I have a heating source if the fire goes out in the winter or I come home and need some HVAC heating while I start the fire. It all works out just great and I’m grateful to have the ductless HVAC. It sure makes it easier on those who come out to stay. I think just the sound of the air conditioning puts people who aren’t accustomed to the woods, more at ease. And the more at ease people get, the more they realize how spectacular it is where I live. That leads to them finding an appreciation for my perspective and I like that.

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