Great locale to visit buy just too much air conditioning system for me

It’s still something that I have to get used to.

Coming in from outside during the summer time to the central air conditioning system of our new home is odd for me.

This is the first time I’ve had Heating and A/C cooling with our central air conditioning system in this house. And we’ve lived here close to forty years. We’re on our fifth Heating and A/C system. It wasn’t however a few years ago that it was time to replace the gas gas furnace. Luckily, the HVAC duct was in good shape and didn’t need any work at all. I attribute that to the HVAC duct cleaning and HVAC duct resealing that both of us have the Heating and A/C professionals do every other year. But since both of us were replacing the gas gas furnace and didn’t have to spend any money on the HVAC duct, both of us went with Heating and A/C cooling. Actually, our partner had wanted the Heating and A/C cooling added to the central air conditioning system of this new home for a long time. Yet when you live so far north, there actually wasn’t that big a need for Heating and A/C cooling. Maybe 8 weeks out of the whole year? So it’s odd coming inside to guess that Heating and A/C cooling. It sort of reminds me why both of us didn’t retire down south. That was sort of the plan until both of us actually started visiting the locales both of us might live. And I found that all of that down there was actually beautiful. It just came with far too much air conditioning system. I never felt prefer I wasn’t in some sort of Heating and A/C cooling all the time both of us visited and that wasn’t even in the big heat of summer.

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