Happy to finally have my own place

I’m quite thankful to finally have my legitimately own home. I grew up with several siblings & always shared a room. Then, I joined the navy & ended up sharing a room with many many people throughout my years serving. My point is, now that I am out of the navy & I’ve started my work as a civilian, I finally have a place all to myself. There are many reasons why this is so enjoyable for me. Privacy is really 1 of them. Peace & quiet is another thing I have come to enjoy, however, I am particularly thankful for being able to have complete control over the control unit in my home! I get to set whatever temperature I want, which I had never been able to do before. I’ve always preferred it colder than the rest of my family. Dad was always in control of the control unit when I was growing up. Moreover, in the Navy, who knows who was in charge of determining what the temperature was in the more than 2 areas of the ship. All I feel is that it was always too moderate for my liking. Now I keep the control unit at a breezy 72° most of the time. I am well aware that you need to maintain your HVAC system if you are going to demand such a temperature, so I am sure to call out an HVAC professional at official intervals to do cleaning & repair work. Having a cool great home is something that I can really get used to & I don’t want to lose that benefit any time soon!

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