HVAC maintenance produces a track record

So far, retirement seems to be a heck of a lot more work than what I left behind inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. Since my retirement barbeque, it’s been one big life change after another. The first thing that happened was we became grandparents for the first time. And this had a real bearing on just whether or not we were going to move south to all that HVAC cooling we’d heard about. We have friends who’ve been down south for about three years. They love it but it seems like they spend the entire summer inside the HVAC cooling of their home. That didn’t sound so appealing. Still, those friends are sort of into the sedentary retirement. My wife have been getting shape so we an do the stuff we want to do during retirement. But the brakes got pumped when that first grandbaby was born. I was in the middle of getting the new residential HVAC installed. This was one of the things that the realtor suggested I be sure to do. So we got the new HVAC equipment and I was way impressed with that. Not only did we get the very latest in residential HVAC, we got all the HVAC technology as well. It’s pretty stellar. And I have to say that the old HVAC unit was the very living advertisement for consistent HVAC maintenance. We didn’t miss many, if any, HVAC maintenance appointments over the course of 26 years. And that HVAC unit never had so much as a hiccup in all that time.

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