I always want to watch my shows with perfect temperature control settings

I was watching this very strange show recently.

When I watch shows with my online streaming service, I typically will adjust the temperature control settings just right.

Sometimes, I will even turn on my portable fireplace which keeps me very comfortable especially during the chilly nights. Anyway, I will watch my shows after getting help with indoor comfort from the HVAC experts and typically I will watch episode after episode. This particular show which is called ‘The Good Place’ is one of those shows that is so stupid, it’s funny. I mean honestly, this crazy show had me laughing like crazy during some parts, and half the time I didn’t understand why I was laughing so hard. Typically I don’t enjoy such goofball shows, but this one was something else and I’m still watching the show because there’s 4 seasons. I’m sure there will be a lot more crazy twists and turns in the show, so we’ll see how it goes. I thought I might say something about the situations that have been funny in the show, but I really don’t want to put any spoilers out there for those who have not actually seen this funny show yet. I guess I wouldn’t say it’s Seinfeld funny or Martin Lawrence funny. I mean honestly, the show ‘Martin’ from back in the day was one of the most hilarious shows out there in my opinion. That’s another show I watched with reasonable temperature control settings. Of course, I was still living with my folks back then, so they would be mad whenever I would adjust the temperature control settings.

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