It’s easy days with a sunroom and all the air conditioning I want

It’s been my experience that a whole lot of the stuff that I so wanted was never really what I thought it would be when I got it.

Outside of my wife and our kids, I’ve always been a bit bemused with how things can turn out.

But then again, I was awfully into whatever it was that interested me. Not to say that I’m any less passionate about life. But my expectations have been curbed. That has been the case when we moved south to the land of the heat pump and HVAC cooling. We had visited places down south where we thought we might retire but doing it was a whole other thing. It wasn’t easy living the north even though I grew to hate winter and the terrible price of HVAC heating. Just replacing the gas furnace and loading up on all the new HVAC technology really added big value to our home. Still, it was hard to sell it even for the pile of money we made off of our family home. Once the house was sold, there was no going back. And I think I just let go of any preconceived notions about retiring in the south. Where we landed sure has made it easy and comfortable to transition. We love our house and I can’t believe how much I’ve fallen in love with the sunroom that is predominant feature of our home. It’s awesome and comes with its own HVAC cooling thanks to a pair of ductless heat pumps. I’m loving this life and this sunroom. Not to mention that I’m loving the summer in the sunroom with all the HVAC cooling I will ever need.

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