Might not have to plug the space heater in this winter

There are other things on the checklist I downloaded from the HVAC company website

There is a lot to be said for working from home. Not only that but also being one’s own boss. I get to do both as I work as an independent information technologies expert. There are big benefits that come with working for yourself because you are steering the ship. But I don’t have a support staff inside the zone controlled HVAC of an office either. It’s all on me. I also don’t get to enjoy that zone controlled HVAC on somebody else’s dime. For my heating and cooling, I’m the one that pays that bill. And since we moved up north, it’s been not so easy on me to get accustomed to paying for HVAC heating. Where I came from and all I really knew were winters where the heat pump was more than sufficient. Moving to where we are comes with a gas furnace. That was my first clue that I may be in over my head on the winter front. But my wife is from this area and she assured me that I’d get accustomed to long, cold winters. Well, it’s been four of those bitter cold winters and a lot of HVAC heating costs but I’m still not used to it. However this winter, I’m aiming to reduce my HVAC heating costs by prepping our home for winter. I’m sealing the house really tight and making sure all the window are super insulated. Replacing all the weather stripping and an old storm door with help as well. There are other things on the checklist I downloaded from the HVAC company website. I’m just hoping I don’t have to turn on the space heater under my desk this winter.

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