My best friend grew up to be an HVAC technician

Often, when you meet the people that you’re going to be friends with for the rest of your life, you hardly ever know that it’s going to happen.

  • Sometimes, you may even initially strongly dislike them.

That’s pretty much the story of me and my best friend Jake from junior high school. Jake liked to play practical jokes on everyone, so needless to say, he was not very popular. Still, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and sat down with him at lunch one day because he was all alone. The fact that he slipped a whoopee cushion on the bench beside him right before I sat down was a bit trite, even all that time ago, but it turned out that we shared many common interests. We both loved video games and sci-fi, among other things. Fast forward to today, and I went to college while my friend ended up in HVAC school. He has always enjoyed working with his hands, and he makes sure that I get the best possible deals from the HVAC company he works for. In fact, sometimes, when I have an HVAC problem, he will personally come to my house and fix it for free, simply because he enjoys the challenge, and he’s my best friend. It’s a good thing too, because when it comes to mechanical things I’m utterly lost. For example, once there was a big issue with my HVAC system and when he came over to check it out, he almost immediately walked over to the thermostat and told me that it had run out of batteries. Here I was thinking that I was going to have to pay a bunch of money to get my air conditioner up and running again, and I had simply forgotten that thermostats run on batteries!


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