Retirement change still comes with plenty air conditioning

It’s sort of hard to believe that we just couldn’t pull the trigger to move down south where all the HVAC cooling is happening.

That was the plan after all. My wife and I had planned to move south once I finished up inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. Walking away from my career was not going to be easy. But it helped that a big part of what I did for the last year was put succession plans into practice. And I’m happy with who is sitting inside my old office with its own thermostat. We even got so far as to replace the HVAC equipment in the house in order to get a better price. And selling it was not a problem. The problem was packing everything up and heading south to the land of nearly full time central air conditioning. Once we had pared everything down and were about to pull the trigger on our new home, our oldest daughter had our first grandchild. That put the brakes on everything for both my wife and me. It just didn’t feel like the right time to move. So we bought a small home for just the two of us. However, we did do one thing that we had planned to do down south. We ended up putting a sunroom on that little house and equipping it with a ductless heat pump. Now we have the sunroom we always wanted and all the HVAC cooling we could stand this summer. That came in pretty handy when our new grandbaby was visiting.


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