The only call I’m making is to the HVAC professionals

It’s great to be able to sort of understand most machines.

  • I’m not talking about the rocket science stuff or the super tough tech stuff.

I’m just talking about the machines that are in our everyday lives. But the fact that I know something about my heat pump doesn’t mean that I’m going to repair it. That would be lunacy. For one thing, I have no training whatsoever when it comes to heating and cooling. An average HVAC technician spends so much time between factory training, standardized certifications and on the job training. It takes years to become a fully licensed HVAC professional. So I leave that sort of thing to them. But it can be tempting. And I can see how people like my neighbor can envision saving an HVAC service charge with their own repair. What doesn’t help is the immediate access to all those do it yourself videos online. I’ve never checked but I’m almost certain that there has to be a plethora of guys showing other guys how they fixed their HVAC equipment. My neighbor fell prey to this when he came home to find the HVAC equipment running but no HVAC cooling coming from the air ducts. Before he knew it, he was in way over his head. And that’s when he called me to come hold the flashlight for him. I’m a good neighbor so I held the flashlight. But the deeper this guy went into the territory that only a certified HVAC technician should attempt, the more I just had to say something. Finally, I talked him into putting everything back the way it was and calling the HVAC company. This was before he voided his warranty or worse, ruined thousands of dollars worth of HVAC equipment.

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