The principal definitely got his karma

The crypto he invested in ended up crashing bigtime and more than half the funds were gone it seemed

There was a bit of a scandal at the school where our children used to attend. Because the school district was a decentralized system when it came to the money budget, the principal was the one who made the decisions for how all the money was spent. Parents ended up pressing the principal for answers on where all the money in the budget was going. This was because the school was a mess with structural damages that were not repaired and the school was given funds for remodeling, yet nobody witnessed any remodeling taking place. On top of that, the HVAC system was old and that was meant to be updated as well, yet nobody saw any evidence of that nor had the principal told anybody of any plans to have the HVAC experts install new HVAC equipment in the school. It finally came to light that the principal took most of the funding and used it for his own purposes. He ended up buying cryptocurrency with all the funds. He tried to defend himself saying that he was investing for the school so that they would have a larger budget to work with. He didn’t run this by anybody, he simply did this on his own accord. The crypto he invested in ended up crashing bigtime and more than half the funds were gone it seemed. He was ordered by the court to pay back all the funds he stole from the budget and he even had to serve jail time for neglecting the school children and of course he lost his job. After that, the budgets for all the schools in the district were controlled by a central location so there would no longer be reckless spending. The HVAC system was upgraded, the place was remodeled and all the structural damages were taken care of!
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