Trip home from Christmas was an adventure in staying warm

It’s funny that I was thinking to myself that last Christmas would be our last trip to our wife’s family home.

This is something that we’ve been doing for at least fifteen years.

And I was honestly starting to long for Christmas inside the quality heating and air of our own house. The two of us don’t have youngsters so it’s not even a thought to her family that we’ll join them. And for a long time it was fun to see the youngsters do their thing. Even worth enduring the sauna like setting our in laws keep their home with that sort of temperature control setting. It’s unreal and I just have no proposal how they can afford paying for that amount of Heating and Air Conditioning heating. And it’s not like they are conservation oriented either. But, I kept our feelings to myself and figured that I’d just cut the news that I wouldn’t be going north for Christmas anymore until the new year. Then every one of us ran into a snowstorm on the way home. The two of us got off the interstate because people were driving like idiots. Our tank was full and every one of us had many wheel drive. So I felt great about the heating being on in the motorcar long enough to get us anywhere safe. Still, it was an adventure just traveling the forty or fifty miles to the next town. And every one of us stopped at an old motel with the sizable Heating and Air Conditioning wall units you can see from the parking lot. It was the most thankful I’ve ever been for seeing that old school commercial Heating and Air Conditioning. Yea, our wife is with myself and others on Christmas at home from now on.
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