Adding AC after opening up the windows

I am sizable about bringing natural light into the home, my hubby plus I are surrounded by trees plus it makes the inside of our beach house dark.

Every one of us have added tons of high powered, recessed lights.

Every one of us have painted all the study rooms white plus put down light gray tile floors, then the home still isn’t genuinely bright! Now I am moving onto adding windows plus making existing ones larger. The study room window expanded a foot. The laundry room has its own window, i then added sliding glass doors in the residing room. All that glass does create a lot of natural light. It makes the beach house look larger plus airy, what it also does is make everything hotter though. The sunlight now comes pouring into the house. The residing room is downright hot now. Washing dishes isn’t comfortable with the sunlight coming in. My hubby plus I never owned an AC until the people I was with and I changed our windows. The trees supply shade plus our area wasn’t that hot. With all the new sunlight coming in, AC became a must. Thankfully our beach house was outfitted with ductwork that could still be used. Every one of us had a Heating plus Air Conditioning dealership install central air conditioner to the house. Now the people I was with and I are no longer sizzling in any room for the house, and having that cold air during the peak of Summer is a genuinely nice perk. It added value to our beach house as well. It is discouraging that the people I was with and I had to buy more after spending a bunch on new windows. Will the constant expenses never stop?
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