Did you know that your dryer vent can get clogged?

Laundry is a weekly chore for many of us.

In fact, some people do laundry multiple times during the week. And especially if they have babies or kids, laundry could be an everyday task for them. So, needless to say that the washers and dryers are always at work in our homes. After the laundry is done, it’s always good to clean out the lint trap, so that the lint doesn’t get backed up inside the dryer. Personally, I try to clean out my lint trap after every load that I do, but there are times that I forget, and the lint will get backed up inside the dryer. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is because the lint can build up inside the vents as well. Once the lint gets backed up, it could potentially lead to some major issues. For one, the dryer will not work as efficiently. It could also cause a potential fire, if it gets too clogged. If this happens you can contact a dryer vent cleaning service company to clean out the vents for you. I hired a dryer vent cleaning company a few weeks ago, after I realized that I had some excess build up of lint. I was shocked at the amount of lint the dryer vent cleaning company removed from the vents. Up until that point, I have never had the vents professionally cleaned. In fact, I didn’t realize that I needed to clean the vents at all. After he completed the cleaning, the technician told me that it’s good to get the vents cleaned out at least once per year. So, of course, I will make another appointment with the dryer vent cleaning company next year.

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