Did you understand what I was saying? That may have been confusing

I am so used to having our earbuds in to block out the noises around me that I often forget to take them out, however last week, I had our earbuds in listening to music while I was laboring out, when the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist arrived.

I thought that everyone recognized earbuds when they saw them, but I was wrong. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist arrived, I showed him where the gas furnace was, plus I went back to work. I had finished our workout, but I worked from home. I was learning our notes plus typing when the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist came into the dining room. At first I didn’t notice him, but when I did, I realized she was talking to me. She was talking so loud that I could hear him over the music I was listening to. I heard him ask if I understood what she was saying, plus I told him yeah. I reached up to pull out our earbuds, plus then I saw him blush. She apologized for yelling plus said she thought I had hearing aids in. She wanted to make sure I could hear what she was telling me about the gas furnace. I told him I often used our earbuds to cancel out noise while I was laboring, plus she said she did the same thing. She explained about the few complications she found with the gas furnace plus asked if I wanted him to service them while she was there? I said please plus told him to tap me on the shoulder when she was done, if I wasn’t paying attention. An minute later, she was telling me about the gas furnace repairs.

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