Different temperature settings

I find it amazing how people differ with temperature control.

  • As a kid you just get used to whatever your parents set the thermostat to.

My mother was cheap and never willing to turn on the heating system. It would be freezing cold all autumn and my mother wouldn’t turn on the gas fireplace. She also refused to invest in an air conditioner for the summer. I just got used to being cold and then sweating to death. HVAC wasn’t a big factor in our house. I am now married and I have a central heating and cooling system. My husband is the opposite of my mother. He constantly is using our HVAC unit and messing with the thermostat. In the summer he has to have the AC blasting on high. The house is freezing cold when he is in charge of the thermostat. In the winter he sets the thermostat so high that I am sweating. So I am uncomfortable in my own home, just in a different way this time. When my husband leaves on a business trip or to visit his parents, I turn the HVAC off. I actually get to the right temperature. I have thought about putting my foot down on the temperature settings. I have never lived in a house where I have enjoyed the temperature of it. I should get a say in the heating and cooling this time. I am no longer a small child. I pay half the mortgage after all. So if I don’t want AC, I shouldn’t have to suffer.







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