Getting out to the cabin is much more appealing thanks to HVAC

Being in my late forties, I’m really starting to get those indications that I’m indeed quite old. My kids are usually the bearers of that news. While I know that lots has changed since I was there age, I’m still sort of amazed at their choices. My kids were of the mind that they’d rather stay inside the central air conditioning of home rather than go to our cabin. I say it’s our cabin but it’s my family’s cabin. My grandpa was the one to buy the property and he built the cabin by hand. It’s an amazing spot and I was always after my dad to make a trip out there. Even in the winter it was awesome. There was a big wood stove that just cranked out the heating. In fact, that wood stove is still getting it done all these years later. But it seems that my brothers and I are the only ones who are interested in leaving the central air conditioning to get out there. We decided that perhaps some upgrades would make getting out to the cabin more appealing. We started with getting an HVAC company out there to put in a ductless multi split system for some residential HVAC. We had to get the HVAC technician to spend the night out there with us because it’s just that far from the nearest town. But I love having air conditioning up there as the summer nights were so much more comfortable. We also upgraded the furniture, beds and the kitchen. Adding wifi was a big plus and I think was even more appealing to the kids than the residential HVAC.

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