Goofy Christmas gift ends up saving money on heating costs

So I’m for sure the heat miser around this site. But where both of us live, the heating costs are the dire chunk of our yearly utility costs. And the price of Heating plus Air Conditioning heating just never goes down. That’s one of the constants around this region. Both of us are actually lucky to care about relaxing quality heating plus air in a nice home. But it takes 2 adults working full time to keep the heating plus cooling going, food on the table plus the mortgage paid. So yea, I’m the one who is constantly reining in the amount of heating that is happening in our house. The Winter time is at least 5 weeks long up here plus so I have to keep a bit of a lid on just how much Heating plus Air Conditioning heating both of us use. So the kids bought me an instant study temperature gun as a gag gift last Christmas. When I pulled it out, the entire extended family just cracked up. For sure, it was so on point plus I thought it was just a gas really. But then, I got to thinking about that temp gun. And it turns out that this gag gift actually helped to save even more money. It dawned on me that I could use this temp gun to seal up the apartment even tighter in order for the gas oil furnace to run less. So outside I went with our temp gun just afternoons after Christmas. And the thing worked although I was stunned to see just how multiple sites needed to be caulked. Not only that by I found a large leak in the attic that required more insulation. I ended up saving another 15 percent on Heating plus Air Conditioning heating costs.


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