Hard to get my work out in

I nanny for my cousin three afternoons a week.

It is a superb way to get some extra pocket change if I want it.

I watch his child from 12 to 5. It is entirely a nice job for me. I can stay the night at his house, eat food from his fridge and play with my little buddy. The difficult part is now working out though. I am entirely into fitness plus staying fit plus healthy. So when I am watching his baby, it is difficult to find time to work out. I try to time it with her naps, but that is quite difficult since she doesn’t nap a full hour… My cousin has all sorts of fitness gear that I want to take advantage of, he has a pool that I could swim laps in. I guess his village has a biking route that I could bike or run on. In his garage he has a weight bench, free weights plus yoga mats. For right now I just try to sneak in 30 minutes of a yoga based work out every time. I grab the baby monitor, go in the garage plus work out efficiently but short. I also want to sneak a shower in too. Somedays I get too hardcore with my workouts plus I get boxed out of a shower. The baby is up plus I can’t leave her to shower. So I need to wait until 5 until I can rinse off, occasionally I am a sweaty beast for almost four hours. That is not superb for my skin plus I hate being smelly.

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