How to save money on your heating and cooling bills

If you are looking to save money on your monthly energy bills when it comes to your heating and a/c, I have just the best solution for you! What you do is go out and invest in a few portable part furnaces and a few portable air conditioners and then run them at the same time in conjunction with your central heat and A/C unit.

The trick is to spread it out.

What I mean by spreading it out is the usage of the portable part furnaces and the portable air conditioners and your central heating and cooling system. What you do is half the time run the portable heat and A/C equipment and then the other half of the time run the central heating and air conditioner! You can do it anyway you like. You can run the portable heater or portable a/c plan in the night time while you sleep, or you can do the reverse and run the central heating and a/c component at night and the portable HVAC equipment in the morning, either way you will still incur the same savings on your monthly electric bill. And believe me it is great! In the last year alone I have saved over five hundred dollars on what my electric bills usually were in that amount of time! I was truly able to take this money and put it towards a vacation me and my family are going to be taking later this summer. All thanks to the portable Heating and A/C equipment use!

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